We all know that Google Play is not just the largest app store in the whole world but also it provides a bookstore, music subscription and video store as well. To get these entire things Google play a gift card is an excellent option. However, it also contains many other uses. As Google does not provide access to underage users from Google wallet, Google plays a gift card is a good option here to purchase items.

How To Use A Google Play Gift CardHow to redeem a Google Play Gift Card

  • First of all, you must contain the Google play store installed at your device.
  • Choose the menu button from the top left corner.
  • Click the redeem button.
  • Provide the 16 digit code here that you get from the scratch at the back of your card or provided in the email of your digital card.
  • Click the redeem button.
  • Choose the confirm option with the account on which you want to redeem your card.

After successfully redeeming your card, you can use it easily to buy movies, music, apps, and games, etc. We must tell you Google play store is different from the Google store. You can buy anything physical from Google store using your google play gift card.

Where to get your Google Play gift card

The important thing that every user must know is that you cannot get Google to play a gift card from Google itself. You may get its gift card from other retailers but not from Google. It does not sell its card on its official website. However, it contains a gift card page that will transfer you to other retailers like Amazon, target, etc. From these retailers, you can easily get Google to play gift cards either online or from stores.

Whether you are using the physical or digital card all of these are the same. However, some people prefer to use physical cards because of email. We suggest you use digital cards as it is easy to copy and redeem the code rather than typing and all that. Digital cards are useful when you won’t buy something from a far away from the store and you don’t want to go out so in such conditions you can make use of your card.