Free Google Play Codes

Free Google Play Codes & Credit in 2019 – 16 Easy Ways

Free Google Play Codes – Google Play Store contains millions of apps. Some of these apps are paid while others are free. However, most demanding and amazing apps are usually paid.

In this article, we are sharing some methods to get free Google play codes to get access to all apps without having any issue.

In free mode, the user can only access limited features. However, if you purchase the game you will get complete and additional features of the game. It is not easy for someone to purchase these apps. The amount will become high that you can’t pay easily if you are not a rich man.

Free Google Play Codes

It is well understood that developers make these apps paid because if their efforts and amazing features. However, none of us wants to spend a very large amount of money on digital products.

Fortunately, here we are sharing a way called as free Google play gift card that you can use to get free apps and games. 

What are Google Play gift card codes & How they work?

Do you know what Google play gift card is? Well, it is a card that is used to purchase items like Books, Movies, and Music, etc.

If you contain enough credit in your account you can even unlock the premium model of the apps and games. You can also send these cards as a gift to your friend or a family member.

The great thing is Google play gift code never get expired. You can keep them until you want to buy your favorite game. 

It is also possible to buy a Google Play gift card online. However, you will have to provide your credit card information for this.

How to get free Google Play codes?

No one of us likes to pay for apps and games. What if we tell you that you can get free Google to play gift cards? Yes, it is possible

It is simple by completing some tasks and getting rewards and bonuses.

1. Free Google Play Codes List (Updated Weekly)

Given below is the list of Google play codes that you can use to get apps and games on the Google play store.

2. PayPrizes

 PayPrizes rewards its user’s free Google play gift cards by completing some easy tasks and also by downloading some apps.

The task available at the website varies like watching videos, downloading third party app and such other. You just need to spend some time and you will get points in return from this website. The amount of points you get depends on the task.

If you gather 1000 points in your account and redeem them for $10 Google play gift card.  By using this card you can easily purchase anything from Google play store.

We must tell you it is an authentic website. You can use it without any second thought to get points that you can redeem to get Google Play gift card codes.

3. GPlayReward

GPlayReward is another authentic website where anyone can easily earn Google Play Gift card. To get a $10 Google Play gift card you need to have 1000 points in your account.

You can also get $25, $50 cards. However, we recommend you to earn 1000 points first to get $10.

GPlayRewards provide some video ads, surveys, bonuses, and such others to earn the free points.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

The most authentic way to get Google Play codes is from Google itself. When you register on Google opinion rewards they will send you some survey forms. You just need to complete these surveys.

This Google opinion reward app is available for both Android and iOS.

When you complete a survey you will get your rewards instantly. You will get $1 when you complete one survey successfully. However, the amount of surveys you will get is not fixed. Maybe you will get many surveys in one week or just a single survey in the whole week. It depends on how many total surveys are available.

Google usually provides the survey forms of the third parties. So, these forms may be feedback that many companies want about their products. You may have to provide your opinion about two different things or your thoughts about the politician etc.

You can also earn free points by downloading some apps and games that are promoted by Google.

However, completing surveys to get points is the easiest way and it should be your first choice. 

 5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is loved by thousands of users on the internet. You can easily get points at the website by completing surveys, playing games, downloading apps, etc. You can also earn points by doing shopping.

You can earn a free Google Play Gift card on Swagbucks without using any smartphone app.

Various redemption options are available at the Swagbucks. If you contain 5000 points in your account then you can get $50. 

6. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints will reward you if you download the featured apps and games and use them for a minute.

The promoted apps and games vary with time. It may be a game, app, book, music and such other. You can also earn some points by watching an interesting video. By using these points you can get some apps, gift cards, etc.

First of all, you need to collect enough points in your account so that you can redeem them to get $10, $15.

This website also contains a referral system. You can earn points if you refer to your friend or family member. 

7. InstaGC

InstaGC is a flexible app to get free Google to play gift card. Users can complete surveys, download the application, watch some interesting videos, playing games, shopping from promoted stores, etc.

When you register on this website you will get 10 points as a bonus. At this platform, 100 points are equal to the $1. They also provide some bonus by listening to music, trying the product, etc.

You can get Google Play gift card $10, $15 and $25. To get these you need to have 1000 and 2500 points. If you prefer this to anyone like your friend or family member you will get 110 points as a bonus or reward.

8. AppNana

AppNana is a great app to get free Google play credits. You just need to download some promoted apps and games to get nanas. Nanas are basically points at this platform.

You will get 400 points just by signing in to your account daily. The great thing is you can earn points by playing your favorite games like candy crush or using Facebook.

You can redeem these points for iTunes gift card, Google gift card, Amazon, etc.

You can also redeem your points to get paid apps from the AppNana store.

9. Tap Cash Rewards

 You can earn points at the Tap Cash rewards that you can redeem to get Google play gift card. When you download the game and app, watch videos you will get the reward.

You will also get some bonus reward by logging in to your account daily. If you link your Facebook with your account you will get VIP status.

We must tell you that you can install this app on your android app and earn your points instantly. Like some other apps, you can get a referral bonus if you refer to your friend and they sign up. You can get almost 100 points for each referred sign up.

However, you must contain 1000 points to get $1. So, you need to invest more time on this app.

The good thing is it provides points just by logging.

 10. FreeMyApps

 FreeNyApp provide the opportunity for users to get free points by downloading sponsored apps and games. Moreover, you can also get a chance to get points by referring to your friend or by taking part in a social media contest.

The unique and the main advantage of this is that it provides points by watching some YouTube videos.

If you have extra points you can denote them to others as well.

11. JunoWallet (Android App)

JunoWallet is considered as a good app for getting Google play credits. This website also provides tasks like another website to get earn points like downloading an app or game, watching videos, accomplishing surveys, etc.

The unique feature of this app is that it provides points to users by making some calls. When you get a mystery reward, make sure you open it within 10 seconds as it is visible for a few seconds only.

You can also earn points by referring to your friend or family member. Referral system is based on a layer basis. The more referred person participates and stays active the more you will get the reward.

You can also send your points to other gift cards if you are not interested in getting Google play credits.

 12. Cubicer

 Cubicer also called a Cubic reward provides rewards by using some apps and games. You can earn some additional points by referring to your friends or family members using social media.

You can also redeem your cubicer points into PayPal balance.

13. Register Your Samsung Device

Do you know Google also provides some free Google gift card along with their devices? Now, Samsung is also providing Google gift card with their devices. It means now you can get $25 Google play gift card for free.

We think it is a very good deal for everyone. Have you heard about it already?

You can register your Samsung device to check you can currently avail any offer or not.

14. Gift Box (Android App)

Gift Box is a high ranked app to get free Google play gift cards. It almost contains 69,965 reviews and 4.7-star ratings. You can earn points from this app by downloading the games and apps, watching videos, referring your friends, etc. You can participate in various tasks to get points.

15. Buy a Chromecast Device

When you purchase a Chromecast device you will get free Google to play gift card from Google. If you already have Chromecast device then register it now to check whether it still provide you any offer or not.

Amount of Google Play reward varies like you may get $5 or sometimes $25 as well. You will get points for each device that you will register.

Tap on the Google home button available at your device to check the offers.

16. WHAFF Rewards (Android App)

WHAFF reward is another authentic website to get the Google play codes. However, you need to connect your Facebook account with this app. 

After successfully connecting your account you can move forward to earn points by downloading the games and applications. If you use these apps for a long time you may also get some additional points.

Different rewards are available like PlayStation codes, Facebook cash, etc.

How to redeem Google Play codes?

In this portion, we will share how you can redeem the points that you have earned. 

First of all, go to Choose the game or app that you want to buy. 

Tap on the buy button and then continue.

At the payments methods, choose the Google play gift card to pay for the game or app that you are purchasing.

Tip: If you want more information about payments option then visit Terms and Conditions.

Final Words

Different methods are available on the internet to get free Google play gift card codes. Even a complete tutorial guide is given. However, you must be aware of all scams.

You can earn Google play gif card by completing tasks. Nothing comes completely free. 

You just need to have some free time and a good internet connection. This is it.